Kaikki ADAY -valokuvat…

…on säilötty aikakapseliin vanhaan kuparikaivokseen Falunissa !

All images from “A Day in the World” stored in Falun Copper Mine

Posted on Mar 28th 2013

A time capsule containing the results of the biggest photographic documentation project ever attempted in a single day was sealed inside the Falu Copper Mine on March 22, 2013. The capsule is now being stored in an 18th-century mine tunnel, accessible for visitors to the over 1300-year-old mine, part of the Falun World Heritage Site.

The contents of the time capsule consist of the “A Day in the World” book in English, a computer with all submitted photos as well as photographic prints of a selection of the submitted pictures. All photographs were taken on 15 May 2012 and depict the everyday life of people across the world.

ADAY.org – Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow.

Jännää !



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