Test Yourself: Color Quizzes | Apartment Therapy

Test Yourself: Color Quizzes | Apartment Therapy.

Have a few minutes? Here are a few quick tests, ranging from silly to useful, all about you and color.

1. Color Vision Deficiency Test
Ever worry that you are colorblind? Take this, and find out. Plus, you get to use fun words like deuteranopia.

2. Color Personality Test
This quiz predicts personality traits, based on your color choices. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s science or snake oil.

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3. What Color are You?
This one is pretty harmless. Only worry if it tells you you’re chartreuse with a hint of caput mortuum.

4. Color Acuity Test
If you missed this one earlier in the year, this quiz shows how well you see color. And thus ends all those debates with your partner over whether that sweater is black or blue.

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