Videot: T-paidoista huiveiksi « Generation T

Kivoja huiveja vanhoista t-paidoista !

Vaikka videot ovat englanninkielisiä, niin tosiaan YKSI KUVA KERTOO ENEMMÄN KUIN TUHAT SANAA !

Ja tässä BOA -huivi leikkaamalla ja solmimalla:


Koko artikkeli tässä:  How To: T-shirt Boa Scarf! « Generation T.

Nämä ovat perinteisen mallisia, myös t-paidoista

”  I got a preview of some of Carol’s more recent T-shirt scarves that will be on sale this holiday season for kids and adults, and gosh they’re pretty cute and clever. I love the New York-themed one (that Coney Island tee is a great thrifty find!) and there’s a pink one that incorporates a pocketed T-shirt into the quilted mix.

I just love all the colors she uses–isn’t it inspiring? (I’m always looking to keep the color quotient high when winter grays settle in!). If you’re feeling crafty, I encourage you to turn to project #77 “Scarf It Up” in Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt (page 194) to make your own scarves from your T-shirt stash. Or check out this video from the Generation T/Threadbanger archives for some more basic scarf designs.

And if you’d rather buy than DIY, support a small business and check out that open house I mentioned above (Tuesday and Wednesday, December 6 and 7, 2011, from 3:00 to 9:00 pm) at the home of Carol Schneider Designs in NYC!  ”




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